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We will develop a custom strategy to help you retarget the specific audience who abandoned your website and bring them back. Result - A cost-effective way to gain leads with higher chances of conversion.

Let your Old customers hear from you again

Control the ways on how to specifically approach your previous audience with our remarketing campaigns

We segment your audience based on their likes and dislikes and approach them with strategic ads that increase the chances of turning them into a conversion.

Create. Control. Develop.

We create beautifully designed ads to catch the attention of your audience

Our team combines art and science to bring the best of each campaign. We will drop anonymous cookies on your audience’s browser which will help Google know the behavioral patterns of your specific audience. Combined with the right creative design ad from our team, we will help you capture leads in no time.

Unlock your true potential for Growth

We will choose the best remarketing strategy based on your business and goals

After having a thorough audit of your website we will select which remarketing platform will best suit you. Each remarketing campaign will have different values it offers, so selecting the best one (or a combination of both) will be the key. Get our free review of your website or current remarketing campaigns and get insights from our experts. A good retargeting strategy is very essential for every online advertisement campaign.

Your Ads Remastered and Retargeted for Maximum Visibility

A cost-effective way to gain leads faster

We put in campaigns designed by our experts by understanding your competition through our remarketing strategies. We use previous data to make sure every new ad is better and more efficient so that you get improved results in a smaller budget.

Some of the Secrets We Deploy

Can’t let our competition know our secret sauce. Only our partners know it!!!


Come join us and we will help you stay ahead of the curve in this digital market ecosystem

Audience Segmentation
A/B Split testing
Google Analytics
Bid Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

Remarketing is basically a digital marketing strategy to help target the customers who previously visited your site. Remarketing is also known as retargeting helps you to show relevant ads to the customers who previously didn’t convert in your website.

Remarketing Campaigns will help to track the insights of your previous customers and bring them back to your site. Ads shown in remarketing campaigns are uniquely crafted so that the audience have higher chances of conversion and increase your sale.

Remarketing campaigns are generally cheaper and highly targeted due to their lower CPC (Cost Per Click). Cost on Ads is generally 30-40% cheaper than normal Ad campaigns which can start as low as Rs. 200 per day and provide you with high-quality clients with higher chances of conversion. Being one of the best Remarketing agencies in Guwahati we will make sure you drive conversions a while keeping your Campaigns affordable as possible.

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