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Are you’re an affiliate marketer, sell your own products and services, or MLM (Multi Level Marketing)?

There are various online marketing techniques that you can use to get more traffic to your site. It’s not that online marketing techniques that vary from industry to industry that make a difference, but how you apply them to marketing your business. 

The most important element of online marketing is to go where your customers are. It’s ethically advised not to promote products and services of your own or someone else’s, where it’s not welcome.

Here are seven techniques I use to get more traffic to my sites: 

Search Engines

Search engines are the easiest way we know of to be found online because everyone uses the search engines for searching anything these days. Although we don’t recommend that you rely solely on search engines as a way for potential customers to find you, you should at least get your site indexed. People can’t find you if you aren’t there.

Site Indexing can be done via Google Search Console so that you can instruct Google to crawl the pages and make Google know that your page can be found online. A well written page with good amount of targeted keywords could help you rank at top of any pages even without any spent penny on marketing through ads.

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Link Exchanges

Although linking isn’t as valuable as it once was, it’s still an effective way to promote your site. By contacting website owners who have websites that complement your own, and then exchanging links with them, you’ll build referral traffic because linking is still considered to be an endorsement of your site.

Backlinking your site to internal pages is also a great way to rank your pages and is a great SEO technique. This is not as effective as getting links from other side, but what’s bad in giving a try.

A Great Website Design can work wonders to increase page scroll time of a new reader and keep him hooked for other pages. Linking internally to major pages gives the user an ease to navigate to any relevant topic when required.

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is where you allow other people to promote your website for a percentage of the profits of each sale. Although there are various other ways to pay affiliates like per lead, pay per sale is the most common.

With an affiliate program, you give others an incentive for promoting your website, and this can also make it easier to get links back to your site. Writing for a valuable group of audience will also help you to gain backlinks to your site and increase more visibility.

It also will help you to get few share of clicks from other websites that links to you and you helping that up.

Affiliate marketing can help your business earn that extra squeeze of traffic. So don’t let it sit and start Affiliate Marketing for your business right away.

Writing Articles

From all the SEO marketing techniques we’ve tried, we found this one to be the most effective. We are sure it has something to with the fact that we at Assam digital like to write, with the best content marketing professionals with us.

What articles will do for you is help you build backlinks to your site, establish you as an expert, and offer more value to your online business. When you are offering your potential customers something up front there are more chances of them converting.

if you are not good at writing articles or making up content, try writing tip sheets, lists, or a how to. People love these types of articles because they’re so easy to read.

Assam digital offers you exclusive content for your brand so you can hook your customers with your content and improve your brand value over time.

Joint Ventures

When correctly executed, a joint venture can be your ticket to fast cash in your business. By seeking out others who have complementary websites, and offering them incentives to sell your products, you can quickly increase your revenue generation.

One can easily share important tasks in the business through a profit sharing or partnership model such that they provide their best services to the brand they serving together.

Not only there will be a boost in sales but one can easily market the other partners skill set to the market as promoting the same brand.

List Building

Although list building isn’t an SEO marketing technique but it is an important part of building your business. List building allows you to recycle your traffic back to you using retargeting methods, building relationships, and increasing your conversion to make more sales.

Know Your Market

By knowing your market, you’ll know what kind of products or services your potential customers are looking for. Although it won’t help to raise visibility for your site, it will help you increase your conversions, and you can more easily get to understand your market by visiting forums on your topic, posting polls on your site, and studying other sites on your topic.

The most important thing to remember is to show respect to your potential customers. Don’t spam them with offers. Build a relationships first, and then you can easily get more traffic and make more sales.

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